About us

The Change-experts are the joint roof brand of experienced independent consultants with many years of practical experience in business process management, project management, lean production, leadership excellence and change management.

We offer our clients consulting, training, implementation support, personal coaching as well as the design of change processes in the company.

Core team

“We support our customers in successfully implementing the necessary changes in the company.”

“Together we lay the foundations for sustainable success for our clients.”

Change management

Change management means changing processes, structures, organizations and behaviors of executives and employees profoundly.

This can only work positively and sustainably if all stakeholders are involved in this change.

In many cases changes take place in times of crisis, which makes dealing with them even more challenging and unpredictable.

This is why we support and accompany the change process as Change-experts, taking into account the corporate strategy and its goals.

We do this in accordance with the project management and by accepting the following rules:

  • Timely and regular information for all managers and employees
  • Explanation of the necessity and sense of change
  • Inclusion of all participants and affected parties
  • Fair dealing with possible “losers“
  • Qualification of managers and employees for new methods and tasks
  • Positive example in all respects
  • Communication of successes, celebration of achievements

In all phases it is important to support the company managementand the responsible executives.

With the support and accompaniment of Change-experts, your project will be a success.

Process management

Process management means the consistent orientation of a company towards external customers. A process map created together with executives and top management provides an overview of what the relevant processes in the company are.

The change experts distinguish between the following types of processes

  • Management processes ensure the alignment of the company. Essentially, the Executive Board, management and senior executives are active in these processes.
  • Core processes are “our raison d’être”, i.e. the purpose of an enterprise registered in the commercial register. Here, the service is provided for the external customer.
  • Business processes are cross-functional processes within the core processes.
  • Supporting processes ensure the function of the core processes as internal suppliers with their services.
  • Work processes take place in a department.
  • A detail process represents a workflow from the perspective of the individual employee, e.g. a new customer is created in Salesforce or an SAP order is triggered.

Standards make the process of business, work and detail processes binding on all process participants and ensure that every employee in a process works as well as the organization can.

Knowledge management

“We know from experience that knowledge is a resource that increases when you consciously share them with other people.”

Thanks to the Internet, YouTube, Wikipedia, Intranet …, up-to-date information on many of our topics is available today regardless of location and time. However, these diverse sources of information do not lead to the personal knowledge of executives and employees growing steadily. In the hectic pace of day-to-day operations there is a lack of time to deal adequately with new topics.

We therefore offer our customers a variety of training courses and workshops in which we concentrate on passing on all essential information on a topic.

Own experiences, abilities and skills are collected as part of personal learning projects and demanding teamwork. The learning is applied in one’s own practice and thereby knowledge and skills, e.g. built in effective and creative method application, process management, project management and change management.

As change experts, we accompany our customers on the way to sustainable skills and thereby ensure that the resource knowledge in the company increases.

Quick Check for SMEs

Jack Welch “Change before you have to“

“Are we doing everything right today to be successful tomorrow?”

To answer this question seriously, Change-experts.com has developed a  quick check for small and medium-sized enterprises.

“Best Practice” Problem-solving skills

Solving problems is not as easy as it seems at first sight. In many companies, a concrete and uniform approach is missing. Different problem solving activities are not coordinated with each other. The existing methods are not applied consistently, and therefore are not successful in practice.

Already at the beginning, a problem solution fails when it comes to defining problems tangibly, concretely and measurably.

We support you with the PDCA methodology, the so-called Deming Circle, with which you first recognize define, describe and analyze problems thoroughly. Whether in production or administrative areas, the success gives the method right.

Using different tools, the problem is properly analyzed. Comprehensible solutions are generated. Finally the best solution for your specific situation is “implemented under competitive conditions”, stabilized and regularly controlled.

With our support, you choose a consistent and practice-oriented set-up of your problem-solving skills. We always combine training and subsequent user-oriented coaching within the framework of the PDCA methodology.

We develop a suitable approach for you and your company. which professionally supports the development, implementation and sustainability of your problem-solving skills.

“Best Practice” Process Excellence Training

Many companies have analyzed, optimized and newly developed business processes in recent years.

The schedule for company success is here. In order for the game to be won effectively, the processes have to be mastered efficiently under all competition conditions.

PEP Simulation 01

Process “live” Simulation

The change experts train executives and process teams to implement the critical processes effectively and efficiently even in critical situations.
Hard and softkills, which are mediated thereby, are e.g. Procedural thinking, effective communication, constructive handling of conflicts, professional crisis management, leadership skills.

SCRUM Method

For many software companies, the agile method SCRUM is today the way in which software is developed.

This agile method can be scaled anywhere from start-up to development with a few hundred developers around the globe. In addition, more and more “hardware” developers and project managers are using the advantages of SCRUM in classic industries to lead their projects to success.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is becoming a key issue for more and more companies.

Industrie 4.0
The first step on the path to change is first to find out about the new opportunities and their opportunities and risks.

CE Presentation Industry 4.0